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About CLIC

CLIC Abroad educates and empowers children in America and India by sharing their cultures and daily lives through photography. Inspired and organized by Bhaskar Krishnamurthy, world renowned photographer, Bhaskar is passionate about documenting and sharing old world Indian culture before modernization transforms the many faces India. CLIC Abroad is officially a non-profit which means donations made to CLIC abroad are now tax deductible through 501C3.

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How can I help?

Help CLIC Abroad by learning more about the projects CLIC Abroad members work on. Right now CLIC Abroad is working to develop a Global Elephant Research Center in southern India to learn more in assisting and resolving the human-elephant conflict in India. You can learn more about by watching this informational video.
Choice Solar is our partner in offering affordable solar lanterns and torches for projects in indigenous communities.

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