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Documentary: Elephants in the Coffee






With students from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, we have created a Documentary about the plight of Elephants in a small National Park with coffee plantations right up to the boundary.  Elephants don’t see lines on a map, and conflict ensues.






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Austin Morris, Tom Grant and D.K. Bhaskar with cameras after a shoot in southern India.

Austin Morris, Tom Grant and D.K. Bhaskar at the capture of two elephants in southern India.

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Elephants in the Coffee

Our Award Winning, Student-led  Documentary

Student Role in Videography


Student Role in Production


Award Winning


‘Elephants in the Coffee’ documentary is screening around the world

The documentary in collaboration with Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton is complete and is showing in...
Austin Morris, Tom Grant and D.K. Bhaskar with cameras after a shoot in southern India.

College students: Join us on our next trip

D.K. Bhaskar and Tom Grant will lead another trip to southern India to study ongoing conflicts between farmers and...

Answering the unanswered

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Understanding India: Around the Coffee Plantation

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It was like a scene from Jurassic Park. Our group piled into a boat with bench seats and a canopy, each of us...


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Information about Himalya Trip

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Translate Elephants in the Coffee

To save lives, both human and elephants, school children and villagers living near elephants on coffee plantations in India need to see “Elephants in the Coffee” in their local language.  Help us TRANSLATE AND BRING IT TO THEM. We need your support to take the award winning documentary “Elephants in the Coffee” to the local villages and schools and community centers in southern India (Karnataka).

Bring School Supplies to a Remote Village

Our remote village in the national park in the himalayas doesn’t even have a chalkboard, a table or school supplies.  Help us outfit these children with the basic tools needed to help them learn.