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The Best Coffee

Second Day – Saturday 15th Since we reached the house late, we didn’t pay much attention to our surroundings. All of us girls slept in one room with three massive beds. When we woke up, we were able to see how beautiful the...

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The Long Ride

Wednesday and Thursday-12th and 13th So many travel hours! About 8 on the first flight to Paris, a 2 hour layover, then a 10 hour flight from there to Bangalore, or what is now called “Bengaluru”. The hostel we stayed in...

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My Adventure in India 3-15-2014

Although my adventure in India is just beginning, it has already been an experience of a life time. The money I spent and the things I did to get here were well worth it. To be honest I was extremely nervous about coming to...

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Mahout Culture Coming to Life

3/5/2014   I am trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I will be able to explore a dying mahout culture in rural India at the tender age of 20, when some people have never even left their home states. I wonder what it...

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