CLIC Abroad offers an incredible opportunity for US students to experience Indian culture in a way that few, if any, other travel experiences could provide. Access to villages and remote regions of India is uncommon. It is an experience that the CLIC Abroad team believes to be a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for any traveler and one that can be life changing. If you are a University student, and interested in visual arts, theater and music immersing yourself in another culture, broadening your experiences, traveling, meeting new friends and learning more about yourself, you would be an excellent candidate to travel with us.

To apply for our next adventure, read the application process below and if you’re ready to travel click the button below to fill out the form!

Tentative dates for the project are March 11-27, 2018. The number of students accepted to the program will be limited to 12 students. Applications are due by December 1, 2017.

Apply to CLIC


You will spend a little time with an assigned CLIC Abroad team member to determine if this trip is right for you.



Applicants will submit an essay, answering the following questions:

“Why would you like to participate with CLIC Abroad on the India trip?”

“What do you think you could offer to the program that would add to the trip, the villages visited, and the participants of the program?”



Students need to be in good academic standing at the discretion of parents and teachers.



Students are EXPECTED to fund raise for CLIC Abroad and volunteer a minimum of 10 hours of their time toward raising funds for the program. The money raised will be used to enhance CLIC Abroad scholarship opportunities, as well as used to purchase necessary supplies for the workshop and communities visited in India. Students will be required to develop and implement fund raising projects, as well as put together “treat bags” to distribute in the Indian villages visited.



Limited scholarship money will be available to help supplement the cost of the trip for students that qualify for financial aid. All interested students need to COMPLETE the application process and be accepted into the program BEFORE scholarship awards will be made.



All CLIC Abroad student participants are required to share their experience with the school community when they return.