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CLIC Abroad spends just over 10 days in a village, hosting photography workshops for village students and U.S. high schoolers. We work with local non-profit agencies to facilitate the application process, which is open to all school children in regions around the workshop site, regardless of faith or gender.

During our workshops, children are taught basic photography techniques, then divided into small groups and assigned a topic to photograph. Topics touch on all aspects of daily life, such as school, environment, rituals and religion, home and family, health and hygiene, bazaar and shops, and children, which they document with their cameras.D.K. Bhaskar teaching photography to Guddo Devi in Sahoo, India.

Every participant is allowed to keep a camera for the duration of the workshop, giving them the opportunity to focus on their topics. Each day, Bhaskar, the U.S. students and other CLIC Abroad representatives visit the villages, help the students build upon these topics, and review images.

Each workshop culminates in a celebratory evening, where certificates and sweets are distributed. People from neighboring villages and their extended communities participate in this cultural extravaganza, which features a carefully selected photo from each participant, framed and displayed for public viewing. The students also get their own photo taken, which is laminated and given to them as a memento.

Through this process, the substance and quality of the children’s work improves and evolves greatly. By the end of the workshops, images are simply brilliant in aesthetics, sensitivity, composition and technical skill.


View an assortment of the photographs taken in the workshops in our gallery.



Our stories highlight a few of the village students and their experience in the workshop. Click on the pictures below to view these villager’s stories!

Upcoming Workshops

March 2014 Trip to Mahout Villages!

Past Workshops

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2010 Rowmari, Assam
2011 Bansingh, Odishsa
2011 Sahoo, Himachal Pradesch
2011 Maralwadi, Karnataka