Bubbling with energy and curious about everything, 14-year-old Kaveriah was the star of the workshop in Maralwadi. He comes from a farming family in the village of Yelachwadi in Kanakpura taluk. If he continues his education, he will need to travel two hours by bus to school so he can keep up with his peers in the city.

With his new camera in hand, he exuberantly focused on anything he could see through his lens. From his family portrait, to the flora and the fauna, to his family rirtuals, he saw a new life unfolding in front of him. Every day, he went further than anyone else to capture awe-inspiring images.

“It is an incredible opportunity I have got and would love to capture more of my surroundings,” he said. “I had never seen my own life around as so beautiful, and I would love to take it up more serious and capture it for posterity.”