Prayag Sowmyaranjan

Thirteen-year-old Prayag was so dedicated to capturing the livelihoods of the people in his region that he even took his camera to the ophthalmologist. He carried the camera tightly in his pocket during the four-hour cycle ride to the doctor. When he ran out of batteries for the camera, he pleaded with his father to buy new ones, and his father was thrilled to oblige. A farmer, Prayag’s father was happy to see his son’s interest in photography. Prayag was born with an illness that always made it difficult for him to blend into the crowd and find his place in the world. But since the workshop, Prayag freely mixed with other group members and went out to photograph his assigned subjects.

“He is very happy to review what he has taken and wants all of us to see it,” said Prayag’s father. He thanked CLIC team for making the effort to instill confidence and changing his son through the workshop. Now he hopes Prayag one day works with newspapers.