Rain or shine, every day 15-year-old Prema walks over five miles on a seemingly never-ending dirt road to school. Prema lives in Maralwadi and her family can’t afford a bicycle, even though she loves to ride. Summer temperatures can soar over 95° F, while the monsoon season can bring hours of pouring rain. There are no shelters on the way to the school. An avid nature lover, she walked eight miles during the workshop, intending to capture sunrise over a lake in the early hours of the morning. She was disappointed that it was a cloudy morning and the sun didn’t show up. Nevertheless, her ambition to capture better images her classmates set her apart from the rest.

“By taking pictures, it is giving me a new perspective of looking into my life, my family, our culture and the way we live here,” she says. “I love my surroundings, but I would like to study further and want to become a doctor. I would also like to take photography seriously, and document the scenes around.”