Priyanka Panda

Priyanka was always smiling in the front row throughout the workshop. The 15-year-old followed every instruction and focused hard on her assigned subjects. One of her happiest moments was inviting the CLIC Abroad group to see her family – her mother, father and siblings. Every day, Priyanka would say …

“You have come so far to share the cameras and capture our surroundings, but I would love to take you to our house. We want to invite you all for a meal. We would love to share our culture and our family traditions. I have never seen a foreigner and I have only heard about America in our geography class. I am thrilled to see children of my age from so far away in the world. I want to learn some new English words, new plays and their thoughts on our life here.”

On the last day of the workshop, she borrowed a sari from her mother’s closet to share with the ladies of the CLIC Abroad team, then draped them for the cultural show. She took complete charge of draping every single lady and getting them ready for the event. Now she says she wants to be a teacher because she would love to share the world with her students.