Scrubbed elephant and students

From left: Jessica Gorseth, Hannah Beth Hembree, Laurel Higginbotham, Beverly Manning, Cassidy Reeh, and Austin Morris

A group of six students from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College journeyed to India on March 12, 2014! Nikon donated a camera for each of the students to use as they explored the beautiful country and culture. In addition, GoPro and Sennheiser donated cameras and microphones to help document the expedition.  On this trip, students had the opportunity to visit a forestry school, a coffee plantation, elephant research scientists, and mahout villages.

Over the months leading up to the trip, the asked for donations and support from local businesses as they get ready for the trip.  The local businesses in Tifton, Georgia, helped these students achieve their dreams of traveling to India through CLIC Abroad. The students also sold notecards that feature photographs of the campus to help fund the trip.

Each of the six students has a different major, yet they possess similar visions. They all worked together well with Dr. Tom Grant to make the trip possible. Every Sunday, they gathered together to better learn the Indian culture. These activities include watching Indian movies, eating Indian food, and discussing different aspects of the cultures that they will encounter there.

The students attending the trip said they would have never had these opportunities if it weren’t for the hard work of D.K. Bhaskar and Dr. Tom Grant.

To receive any further information on this specific trip, or if you would like to make a donation or buy and of these students notecards, the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College students can be reached at