Highlights Spring 2010

CLIC spent more than 10 days in Rowmari in the spring of 2010. When we were there we had the chance to see and experience:

  • Inviting participants from the largest cluster of villages
  • Visiting the Bhutan Border across the Eastern Himalayas
  • Over 4000 villagers from surrounding villages participated in the closing event
  • Traditional music and dance from the villagers on stage
  • Searching for AA batteries and sending a carrier by train for a 3-hr ride to get the batteries
  • Getting our cameras confiscated but later getting appreciation from the same folks for the work we accomplished



Rowmari is the first independent subdistrict of the Kurigram District, in Northern Bangladesh, with a population of just over 137,000. It is geographically isolated from the main district, and is accessible only by boat. Most men are laborers working on daily wages while the women work on the looms weaving clothes. Their dwellings are mostly thatched and mud plastered. The primary religions are the traditional Bathou faith, Hinduism and Christianity. Children go to government-run schools spread across 30 kms, many of them lacking furniture and electricity.


Rowmari is situated close to the Bhutan border.












Non-Profit Partner

the antthe ant works at two levels: 1. Directly, in the villages of District Chirang (newly formed Bodo Territorial Administered District) of Assam and 2. Indirectly, advocating certain issues and providing training support to NGOs & networks anywhere in the northeast. Learn more at theant.org.