About CLIC

CLIC Abroad educates and empowers children in America and India by sharing their cultures and daily lives through photography. Inspired and organized by Bhaskar Krishnamurthy, world renowned photographer, Bhaskar is passionate about documenting and sharing old world Indian culture before modernization transforms the many faces India. CLIC Abroad is officially a non-profit which means donations made to CLIC abroad are now tax deductible through 501C3.

After extensive research and travel throughout India, Bhaskar identified remote regions where many aspects of daily life exists in the same fashion it has for centuries. Not surprisingly, modern technology and new world ways are also discovering these regions. Bhaskars goal is to document old world culture before modernization transforms the faces of these remote regions. The best way to achieve this, he believes, is to have the very people that actually live and embrace these cultures document their own lives. And who might be the most interested, energetic, and enthusiastic people in the village be? Children.

Nikon, one of CLIC’s sponsors, supports this concept and has donated 40 cameras for children to use for the CLIC Abroad workshops. Bhaskar works closely with the children, teaching them camera skills while sharing his expertise and love for photography. But Bhaskar can not do this alone.

University Lake School in Hartland, Wisconsin has teamed up with Bhaskar. University Lake School (ULS) is offering a unique experience to their high school students to work with Bhaskar to help the children in India to capture their cultures through photography. ULS students can travel to India with Bhaskar and help teach children from India basic camera skills while immersing themselves in their Indian cultures and lifestyles. Cameras are substituted for writing instruments and photographs serve as their voice in this incredible experience. The combination is powerful, and the objective is being accomplished. Children have been documenting the ancient arts and precious customs that still exist in their lives through photography. ULS students are helping to preserve the rich history of India while, at the same time, enriching their personal lives with new knowledge and understanding of primitive cultures.

University Lake School is a not-for-profit 501c3. EIN: 39-0942763

CLIC Abroad Restricted Scholarship Fund

The CLIC Abroad restricted scholarship fund at University Lake School was established in 2012 to provide scholarship funds for students to engage in unique International Intercession Courses as part of the ULS grades 9-12 curriculum.

Awards are made to ULS students by the scholarship committee taking into consideration the established criteria. These courses are created to extend our students discovery beyond our campus providing hands-on meaningful learning, leadership and service. The CLIC Abroad restricted fund will enable students to fully participate in a ULS education and allows students to participate in this course, rather than having their options limited by household income.

Students may inquire to University Lake School for the application and award process details of this scholarship fund. This course integrates the following components into every trip: academics, service learning, leadership activities, cultural immersion experiences, and a rich experiential approach. Specifically, students will learn to identify and document the vanishing cultures and changing landscapes of the people living in rural areas of different cultures. Documentation will be achieved primarily through the use of photography.

All funds donated to the CLIC Abroad (a restricted fund of University Lake School), whether income or principal, and whether acquired by contribution or otherwise, shall be devoted to scholarships and directly related expenses and course supplies.

If you would like to make a gift to University Lake School – restricted to CLIC Abroad please send your tax-exempt gift to:

University Lake School
CLIC Abroad (Restricted Fund)
4024 Nagawicka Road
P.O. Box 290
Hartland, Wisconsin 53029

Kimberly H. Tornehl
Director of Institutional Advancement
University Lake School


Our Mission

CLIC Abroad shall provide educational workshops to identify and document the vanishing cultures and changing landscapes of the people living in rural areas of India. Documentation will be achieved primarily through the use of photography. CLIC Abroad and University Lake School students will help to create a set of images that will aid in the recording and archiving vanishing cultures. These images will serve as powerful instructional tools depicting cultural diversity and the ancient cultures of India, and will be shared with educators and individuals in both contemporary urban cultures and future generations throughout the world. University Lake School students also will gain tremendous insight into foreign cultures and lifestyles and will be encouraged to share these experiences through writing and publishing opportunities as well as public presentations.