Children Learning International Cultures (CLIC) Abroad, formerly known as International Photography Partnerships (IPP), was founded in 2009 by Bhaskar Krishnamurthy, renowned world photographer, and Frank Christian, longtime photographer at Augusta National, home of the Masters Golf Tournament. Subsequently after three years, they created CLIC Abroad to capture and document cultures around the world through visual art including photography.

Our primary location is India, Bhaskar’s home country. Here, we’ve held multiple workshops in remote areas to document ancient traditions, cultures and lifestyles. Since our inception, CLIC Abroad has worked throughout India with other grassroots organizations and dozens of volunteers to promote our mission of international understanding and respect.

CLIC Abroad initially focused on working with children from troubled areas in India, such as border regions. However, since its foundation, CLIC Abroad has traveled to both the inland and the border regions, engaging more than 1000 children.

Why India?

CLIC in IndiaBhaskar hails from South India, but has researched and traveled throughout the country and all around the world. He started CLIC Abroad in India after identifying remote regions where centuries-old aspects of daily life – livelihood, home and family, environment, religion and rituals, school and social customs – were on the cusp of dramatic transformations. Modern technology and new-world ways are altering life in these regions, offering a unique opportunity to document these ancient traditions and customs as they undergo these changes.

The best way to document these changes is to have the very people who live in and embrace these landscapes document their own lives. And the most interested, energetic and enthusiastic people to perform such a monumental task are the children of these native lands.